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The World Domination Game:

Welcome to the game in which every decision you make changes the world, whether it's for better or worse!

This is a live action turn based- strategy and role-playing game, one that may reveal your true colours. Choose to invest in the environment, cities, shields or nuclear weapons... what happens next is your call. Welcome to World Domination! 

As the game progresses you will need to create alliances with countries, boost the economy and living standards of your cities and potentially develop nuclear technology to take out other world cities. You may be responsible for the next world war... the burden of power is more dangerous than it seems.

This game is played online. You will be divided into teams, each of which will be a country. You will promote a President and negotiator along with other ministers. You will learn to trust and bluff, negotiate or confront - with the end goal or world dominance with the highest standard of living in your country overall. The hosts of your game are representatives of the UN, they will facilitate your discussions and oversee the decisions you make. They can provide updates on the world overview as the game unfolds. 

You will need a laptop or tablet to play, preferably with a working camera. Also, you'll need a free version of the app, Zoom. The links will be sent to the lead booker via email once your slot has been confirmed. 

Minimum number of players is 12, if you do not have a group big enough please contact us. 

This game can have 50+ players, perfect for corporate groups who want to partake in a fun, stimulating team building exercise

Please call us on 01342 718472 for additional information.